27th Rally Rzeszow: a rally feast in Podkarpacie


Three days of great rally emotions await fans and residents of Podkarpacie on the second weekend of August, when the 27th edition of the Rally Rzeszow will be held. The competition organized by Automobilklub Rzeszowski for years has been attracting the best Polish rally teams, and for last two years also top European drivers and co-drivers. Although this year the Rally Rzeszow was not included in the calendar of the European Rally Championship (ERC), the organizers made sure that nobody will left Rzeszow disappointed.

This year's Rally Rzeszow is a round of FIA European Rally Trophy (ERT), a new, fast-evolving cycle, being the backbone of the ERC which follow broadly the same technical and sporting regulations. On the route, there will be the leaders of the Polish Rally Championship and, for the first time in the history of the rally, an elite of historical cars that ruled rallies in the past century. They will be competing in the MOTUL Polish Historic Rally Championship. It is a guarantee of high attendance and great emotions.

The Rally Rzeszow is very popular among competitors and fans due to the excellent atmosphere, very well organisation and varied and technically difficult routes, leading through winding, narrow roads, abounding in numerous steep climbs and breakneck "falls". The route, divided into two LEGs, consists of 11 demanding special stages, with a total length of over 176 km.

Friday (10 August) will be marked by circuit stages, allowing fans to see more rides. In this configuration there have been prepared two Special Stages – Blizianka and Lubenia. At the end of the day, the teams will compete on a spectacular Super Special Stage in the nearby area of Nowy Świat Shopping Centre in Rzeszow.

On Saturday (11 August) two well-known special stages will be running. Pstrągowa – this year in opposite direction and Grudna – in a modified configuration. After a one-year break, SS Zagorzyce will return with a spectacular watersplash.

On Thursday (9 August), before the rally begins, competitors will take part in the Shakedown in Niechobrz and in the evening Ceremonial Start at the event square of the Millenium Hall shopping centre in Rzeszow. The competition will end at the Market Square in Rzeszów, where the ceremonial finish and prize giving ceremony will take place. For whole rally week, you will be able to see participants and their cars in the Service Park, in the center of Rzeszow, at the Podpromie sports hall.

So far, a Frenchman Bryan Bouffier has scored the most victories in the Rally Rzeszow. He won the Rally five times. Crew Kajetan Kajetanowicz / Jarosław Baran triumphed three times in the competition, both crews Michał Sołowow with Maciej Baran and Grzegorz Grzyb with Przemysław Mazurek scored two victories. Who will win this year? We will find it out on 11 August. Earlier, on 1 August, when the publication of entry lists is planned, we will know all participants of this year's Rally Rzeszow.



Thursday, 9 August 2018

Qualifying Stage  – Niechobrz – 13:00-17:00
CEREMONIAL START – Rzeszów, Millenium Hall – 19:00

Friday, 10 August 2018

SS-1 Blizianka 1 (17.45 km) – 10:40
SS-2 Lubenia 1 (17,58 km) – 11:25

Service A (Rzeszów, Podpromie) – 13:05

SS-3 Blizianka 2 (17.45 km) – 14:45
SS-4 Lubenia 2 (17.58 km) – 15:30

Service B (Rzeszów, Podpromie) – 17:10

SS-5 Rzeszów (4.00 km) – 18:00

Flexi Service C (Rzeszów, Podpromie) – 18:35

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Service D (Rzeszów, Podpromie) – 08:05

SS-6 Pstrągowa 1 (26.00 km) – 09:10
SS-7 Grudna 1 (13.25 km) – 10:10
SS-8 Zagorzyce 1 (12.12 km) – 11:10

Service E (Rzeszów, Podpromie) – 12:30

SS-9 Pstrągowa 2 (26.00 km) – 13:50
SS-10 Grudna 2 (13.25 km) – 14:50
SS-11 Zagorzyce 2 (12.12 km) – 15:50

Service F (Rzeszów, Podpromie) – 17:10

CEREMONIAL FINISH – Rzeszów, Market Square – 17:30