Rally after party in Kula Bowling & Club


In Saturday afternoon, 11th August, during ceremonial finish, the winners of 27th Rally Rzeszow will turn out. Officially competition will end at the Rzeszow’s Market Square, but unofficially it will end at the traditional after party, this year at Kula Bowling & Club in Rzeszów.

This party will be the perfect occasion to get to know both the drivers and other rally fans. After party starts at 9 pm. DJ Arti will turn on the dancefloor and Bogdan Michalec will lead great fun. Best music, great company and delicious drinks served by bartenders – only on rally after party in Kula!

More details:

Time: Saturday, 11th August

Start: 9:00 PM

Entrance: FREE

Selection – entry from the age of 21

Lodge and bowling alleys reservations: 502 810 487 or 17 717 90 60 extension no 20

Lodge online reservations: http://tinyurl.com/Rezerwacje-Kula-Bowling-Club